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Here we are documenting the processes and work of the AI Validation Team at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in The Netherlands.

We are a team of mostly engineers at a policy department.

We work on the projects within the Transparency of Algorithmic Decision making scope:

graph TB
    ak[<a href=''>Algoritmekader</a>] --> tad

    subgraph Transparency of Algorithmic Decision making
        tad[Algorithm Management Toolkit] --> st[<a href='/ai-validation/projects/tad/reporting-standard/'>Reporting Standard</a>]
        llm[<a href='/ai-validation/projects/llm-benchmarks/'>LLM Benchmark</a>] --> tad

    tad --> ar[<a href=''>Algoritmeregister</a>]


Read our guide on how to contribute.


Our contact details are here.